Digital fonts that fully reflect the nature of the human eye thanks to the perfect proportions allowing superior readability.

The Fontval are a selection of thirteen fonts that have particular characteristics of clarity, legibility, harmony, modularity, lightness and elegance. These fonts have been digitized and processed, through the highest standards of typographic quality, using a precise technical method with the aim of being able to offer classic and traditional characters in an exclusive version for photocomposition more faithful to the original designs.

Valdonega’s Fonts are a product of the Stamperia Valdonega brand, owned by Siz.

The Fonts of the «Biblioteca Classica VAL» are an exclusive of the Stamperia Valdonega / Siz and a strong point in the field of the best classical printing with traditional methods brought to maximum potential. Thanks to the mastery of the creators of such a great contribution to the Black Art and the skill of editorial graphics whose experience still derives from manual work with lead and press by hand, the history of such a long-standing excellence can still carry the most refined of printing traditions in the international modernity of the Stamperia Valdonega brand.

Below, an example of Dante compared to his counterpart in Val version::

dante val

The main features of VAL fonts can be summarized in:

  • More accurate design of the character for greater fidelity to all the original aesthetic characteristics;
  • Different structure of the various bodies (for each character four fundamental bodies have been executed instead of one);
  • Adaptation of the spacing relative to each body and the thickness of the characters according to the paper used;
  • Careful control of the pairs of letters;
  • Alphabets complete with capitals, bindings, politipi, accents, special letters for works in the most popular European languages.