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SiZ Industria Grafica is a printing company based in Verona (IT), founded in 1963 by Domenico Simioni and now run by his sons, Massimo and Nicola.
Since 2007 SiZ has also owned the historic Stamperia Valdonega and its publications.
The company specialises in high quality offset and digital printing.
It creates books and other printing projects in the fields of art, photography, illustration, architecture, design.
It is active not only in Italy, but also internationally, especially in the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Germany and the United States.
SiZ collaborates with publishing houses, museums, art galleries, foundations, graphic designers, communication agencies, and often directly with artists and photographers.
The experience gained over the years allows SiZ to follow every stage of a printing project, from colour separation to binding and packaging.
Stimulated by the creativity of its customers, SiZ looks for the best and most innovative solutions for each printing work.

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