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Siz was founded in 1963 by Domenico Simioni. In 1994 the current headquarters was built in Campagnola di Zevio, Verona – Italy. In 2005 the management of the company passed to the sons of Domenico, Massimo and Nicola, who have developed the presence of the company on an international scale, between the European and the American markets. Since 2007 Siz has acquired the historic Stamperia Valdonega and the respective Editions.

Siz Industria Grafica offers offset and digital printing in the fields of visual arts (art, photography, illustration, architecture, design) and corporate (fashion, home design, food&beverage etc.).

It collaborates with publishing houses, museums, foundations and art galleries, photographers, artists and graphic designers, on the one hand, and with brands and communication agencies, on the other.

It is thanks to the experience accumulated over the years that Siz is now able to offer its customers any kind of finishing, packaging, binding, paper and printing technology available on the market. Each project, from the biggest projects to limited editions, is built with care, providing personalized advice for a high quality realization.

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