For more than 50 years in the world of printing

Siz was founded in 1963 by Domenico Simioni. Since then our Graphic Industry operates in the offset printing , to which is added, more recently, the digital printing. In 1994 the current SiZ headquarters was built in Campagnola di Zevio, in the province of Verona, Italy. The design of the structure includes 4 color columns, representing the four-color CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) with which the printing machines operate. In 2005 the company passed into the hands of the sons of Domenico, Massimo and Nicola Simioni, who develop more and more the collaboration with foreign companies, both in the EU market and UK and USA. The family management allows to have a personalized approach with the customer, making customized the printed product that we are commissioned. Since 2007 Siz owns the historic Stamperia Valdonega and its editions. We are therefore the owners of the digital fonts Fontval ®, which we have the opportunity to use for various applications, especially in the field of art.

It is thanks to all this experience accumulated over the years that we are able to offer our customers almost every kind of finishing, packaging, paper and printing available on the market. Our plant gives us the opportunity to work both on large runs, and on works of high artistic value such as books and catalogues of photography, art and design. Our team adopts an international approach, operating in foreign markets as well as in Italian ones. We can offer advice in English, French, German and Spanish. The figure of this new phase of the company is the combination of the digital world and the world of printed paper, at a time when, after years of decline in demand, we can speak of a real renaissance of paper.