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Founded by Giovanni Mardersteig in 1948, Stamperia Valdonega has always been dedicated to the printing of high quality books.

The company began its activity in Verona, and immediately its production was able to match the taste of librarians and lovers of fine books through the use of machines foundries, the direct production of Fonts and printing machines. The fame of Stamperia Valdonega grew so much that in 1984 the Metropolitan Museum of New York dedicated to the company a exhibition entitled: “The Mardersteig’s Work in the Stamperia Valdonega”. Parallel to its printing activity, over the years the printing company has produced a series of editions under the brand name Edizioni Valdonega. In the first years the editions were sporadic but later (in particular from the end of the seventies) there was a more significant activity.

The VAL project, idea of Martino Mardersteig, has been carried out over the years in Stamperia Valdonega, together with the desire to offer to its customers initially the only Dante Font, conceived and designed in the 50s by the founder. In the following years, with the intention of creating a collection «VAL Classics», the Stamperia Valdonega has also digitized new Fonts.

Since the beginning of 2007 Stamperia Valdonega has been acquired by SIZ Industria Grafica.

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