SiZ Industria Grafica & Christoph Niemann

SiZ Industria Grafica had the honor to collaborate with the German artist and illustrator

Printing on 70×100 cm sheets is something that many printers know how to do. Printing with new techniques, experimenting, investing in new ideas is another matter.

Over 50 years of experience allows us to reach high quality levels in the printing field and to collaborate with art galleries, museums, designers and artists.

Recently, we started a collaboration with the German illustrator Christoph Niemann in the production of limited edition prints taken from his “Sunday Sketching” monograph for his exhibition at Colette in Paris and the Cartoon Museum in Basel. The images depict funny combinations of common items along with a few essential shots of color: so the monkey’s muzzle is a pair of headphones along with a black color impression, the beard of a man are the sesame seeds on a loaf, the legs of a woman are a pair of scissors, a tree is the magnetic stripe of a credit card.

In the last 12 months we have been followed by a German company that allowed us to learn new printing methodologies to apply to our existing machinery. In order to achieve the desired image performance, in this specific case, we opted for a technique that is resulting in a three-dimensional and extraordinary detail. This allows the subject of the image to “come out” from the paper and hit the eye of the observer.

For example: in the image in which a ballerina is represented by a brush and a yellow sketch, at the end of the production seemed like there was a thread on the print. Going through it with the hand to remove it, we realized that it was a thin bristle brush that was part of the image itself.

About the Artist: Christoph Niemann is an illustrator and visual storyteller. His works appeared on the covers of The New Yorker, WIRED, New York Times Magazine and Zeit Magazin. He has won awards from the Art Directors Club Award and the Lead Awards. Its corporate clients include Google, St. Moritz, LAMY and the Museum of Modern Art. Christoph is a member of Alliance Graphique Internationale.

He has drawn live from the Venice Biennale, the Olympic Games in London and he has sketched the New York City Marathon. He created The New Yorker’s first Augmented Reality Cover as well as a hand drawn 360 degree VR animation for the magazine’s US Open issue.

His work is featured in one of the episodes of Abstract, a new TV series by Netflix (that we watched in SiZ)

We are able to offer our clients the printing service here described also for the production of catalogues, art and photography books and more.

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SiZ Industria Grafica & Christoph Niemann

SiZ Industria Grafica ha avuto l’onore di collaborare con il famoso artista e illustratore tedesco.