Pubblichiamo qui la mail integrale che Anna Roma, fondatrice di SPQR Editions, ci ha scritto riguardo la stampa del loro libro Dog’s Best Friend:

SQPR has printed at SiZ for over 15 years and have always been extremely pleased with the high caliber of printing and the personal care they provide.

When we decided to publish my father’s book “Lee Friedlander’s Dog’s Best Friend”, I had no doubt we would print again at SiZ. But given the standards Friedlander understandably requires for reproducing his work in books (he has more than 60 titles), I was particularly focused on having our experience of SiZ’s high quality continue. 

Friedlander uses a very particular set of scans finely tuned to duotone curves, all created by the master Thomas Palmer that produce an extremely rich and nuanced result – one that requires consideration and technical understanding on press to achieve. SiZ was not only attentive to these issues but willing and able to suggest and make changes before and during our press run to optimize these factors. They are true craftsmen, combining technical expertise with an acute sensitivity to what my father desired in reproducing this book. We were all on press and experienced first hand the care that they took to cater the press run to the standards and eye of the photographer. 

It is a beautifully printed book that firmly holds its place in an overall oeuvre of well-crafted titles by a photographer who believes so strongly in the printed page.

Anna Roma

SPQR Editions

Ci riteniamo orgogliosi di aver partecipato nella stampa di questo piece of art e di aver ospitato nella nostra sede il maestro della Street Photography, Lee Friedlander.

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