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5 students, 12 teachers, 8 partners and 4 projects developed by the team: the 2020 edition of Nature-US was a success. For the 2021 edition we want to expand the goal of the project, collaborating with new realities and relaunching the crossover approach that combines training, lessons, practical and theoretical workshops to give a real opportunity to all students and students who dream of a profession in the world of arts, culture and business. Join us to build an even greater impact and give young people new perspectives! 

Support the project and become part of our network. For you, in a limited edition, the ART KIT – created in collaboration with Ashtart – Creative Consultancy that accompanies us throughout 2021 to discover the hidden relations between Art, Nature and Technology. In addition to supporting the implementation of the workshop 2021, we have selected 2 projects related to contemporary themes such as Blast by UP – Urbs Picta and Codesign Toscana that work on the dissemination and active participation of art and sustainability. Follow us to stay up to date on the project!

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