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To inaugurate this 2021 SiZ Industria Grafica, in collaboration with Ashtart CREATIVE Consultancy, decided to realize a very special project. “Take your time 12+1” is an art kit that comes from the union of art, nature and technology.
For its realization, Siz used different printing techniques and numerous papers, including some historical belonging to the heritage of Stamperia Valdonega editions.
The art kit can be purchased on the initiative’s platform, helping to support the new edition of the Workshop 2021 Nature-US and two projects in the field of contemporary art and architecture, BLAST by UrbsPicta and CodesignToscana.

Used papers : Sirio Black, Tintoretto Stucco Gesso, Scaligera Salvia, Pordenone Bianco, Arena White Rough, Pop’set Citrus Yellow, Xper Premium White, Gardapat 13 Kiara, Magno Volume, Shiro Alga Ivory, Texa Cedro, Symbol Card, Woodstock Azzurro, Craft Pack

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