People are the ones that make a Company

Here at SiZ we strongly believe that among machinery, computers, costs, revenues and other assets, the most valuable one is the human being. So we decided to commit ourselves: here you’ll find some of our collaborators that everyday keep our company operational.

Massimo Simioni

Co-owner and administrator, Massimo works in SiZ since 1993. He’s son of Domenico Simioni, founder of the company in 1963, and lived in a typographer’s family.

He loves listen to music, spend time with his family and he’s a big Hellas Verona football team fan.

Nicola Simioni

Co-owner of SiZ, he’s the brother of Massimo Simioni and son of Domenico. Nicola speaks fluently english and follows the USA and UK markets. He strongly believe in the company vocation of high-end and high quality offset printing

Nicola loves mountain biking, skiing, traveling and reading.

Silvia Cinquetti

Silvia lavora in SiZ da luglio del 2003. Impiegata amministrativa, si occupa del ciclo attivo, comprensivo dell’analisi dei costi delle commesse.

Grande tifosa dell’Hellas Verona, ama passare il  tempo libero in compagnia di amici e della propria famiglia.

Sara Negri

Sara works in SiZ since 2003, Sara deals with the printed projects quotation and with clients management.

She loves yoga, cinema, skiing and she’s a big nature lover. “What I like the most about my work, is that’s not just paper and ink, we print real works of art”

Milena Placer


Milena’s main hobbies are spend time with her kids, traveling, go for long walks and read.

Massimo Ferronato

Massimo is in SiZ since 30 years, he’s in charge of the outside processing, of the logistics, of the FSC chain/certification and of the quality control

He loves to run, the mountains and being out in the fresh air.

Massimo Federici

Massimo works in SiZ since 2002, he’s in charge of the working ours schedule, of the projects planning and of the HR department.

He practice agility with his dog, he loves gardening and walking.

Attilio Bragantini

Attilio is part of the sales team of SiZ, for some years he lived abroad. He’s receiving his Ph.D in Philosophy at the Padua University.

He speaks English, French and German and works with EU markets. Attilio loves to read, travel and handcrafted beers

Fabio Scardoni

Fabio is a component of our printing department, he follows the functioning of the offset machinery. He proudly works in SiZ since 2003.

Fabio lives in the mountain. He loves to go for long walks, cycling and spend time with his family.

Anton Silvestri

Anton works in SiZ’s marketing and corporate communication. He’s half Russian and graduated in economics at University of Verona. He deals with the social networks, he looks for new clients and contacts and supports the sales team.

Loves TV series and traveling.

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