Our passion for quality in DIGITAL fonts

Imagine having new, exclusive digital fonts which give the human eye exactly what it needs to see, as their perfect proportions make them easier to read than any other.

The VALDONEGA fonts are a selection of thirteen fonts with high standards of clarity, legibility, harmony, unity, lightness and elegance. The use of these fonts combined with the care taken over the overall design facilitates the reading and comprehension of these texts.

Why are these fonts more readable and more alive?
These fonts have been digitalized and worked on to the highest standards in typesetting using a special technical method so that we can offer traditional, classic lettering in an exclusive new version which allows the photo-compostions to remain as close as possible to the original designs.

The Font Valdonega is a product of our brand STAMPERIA VALDONEGA.

Comparing the traditional font with Font Val

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